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LlTV Local local Television
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Local local Television

Local local Television is a Network of Internet TV Channels which aims to take advantage of media convergence to get your message to your clients, customers and consumers.

LlTV Sales sells Internet television advertising and program sponsorship.
Additionally we offer interactive and online
products and services as part of an integrated
approach to consumer communication.

In response to an ever more challenging
and competitive business environment
We are committed to working with you, the local advertiser, to build successful businesses and brands.

Television advertising directly influences sales, positively impacts brand awareness and is more effective than other media in making your brands & Businesses famous.

As media convergence brings more opportunities,we feel that together we can find the best and most cost effective marketing solutions.

Opportunities include program sponsorship, branded content, online advertising, interactive advertising and marketing to local people everywhere.
TV is the most
memorable medium.
TV advertising works
to drive sales
For more information on our 
Sponsorship and Advertising  packages contact lltv.co.uk